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The Peach Street

Handmade is Thoughtful

by Baishakhi Ajmera 31 Oct 2022
Handmade is Thoughtful

We at The Peach Street - have made this our life mantra and we believe in spreading our handmade love among all.  

Our journey started with our love for creating things for our family and friends, where appreciation and uniqueness made us spread our wings to follow a dream.  

Handmade is THOUGHTFUL and gives our creativity an opportunity to explore - it can be CUSTOMISED to your taste and liking.  

In this world - handmade spells SUSTAINABLE and GREEN. Our creations can be passed on in your family as it is HIGH QUALITY - we would love to call them "heirloom".

Handmade gives a boost to " TRADITION " - dying arts and skills which may be forgotten. We @thepeachstreet source our products GLOBALLY from WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS - as we like to showcase skills from different cultures crafted by Women. 

Each of our creations has a STORY - a dream, a passion, love and thoughtfulness...   

It is good for your conscience and society at large as it does not support unskilled labour, unethical product sourcing or mass production.

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