Privacy Policy & Intellectual Property

1. Privacy Policy:
The Peach Street is committed to respecting your privacy and complying with applicable laws and regulations to ensure that the personal information you give us is kept appropriately secure and processed fairly and lawfully .This Privacy Policy covers all personal information about you that we collect, use & otherwise process in connection with your relationship with us as a customer or potential customer. The Peach Street will collect and use your personal information:
  • To analyse, profile and monitor customer patterns and better understand the interests and preferences of our key customer audiences so we can consistently improve our products and services.
  • To offer an enhanced customer experience , services and events to make them more relevant to our customers specific preferences.
  • To ensure the proper functioning and security of our website for example by preventing fraudulent transactions.
  • To ensure we continue to comply with applicable laws, for example in maintaining the accuracy of our records.
1.1.Information we may Collect:
  • Contact Information and other identifying information
  • Payment information
  • Demographic Information
  • Account & Transactional Information
1.2. Information Collection Tools:
  • Sources of Personal Information from you. We collect personal information from you indirectly, including through your use of our Site  where we draw inferences about you.
  • Cookies
  • Advertising and Online Tracking
  • From Third Parties
The Privacy Policy governs the processing of any personal information that you provide to The Peach Street on this Website. The Peach Street may update the Privacy Policy at any time without notice by posting such updates on this Website. 
2. Intellectual Property:
2.1. All content and materials on the Website (drawings, designs, illustrations, photographs, sound tracks, written text, logos, trademarks, and all other intellectual property  are the sole and exclusive property of The Peach Street. There cannot be any Part or Full Reproduction by any means or distribution, creation and publishing imitative works based on The Peach Street designs or modify or sell any such content or materials contained on the Website.
The "The Peach Street" logo, the trademark image of a Peach and a Street, and all other names and logos, whether or not registered, displayed on website, as well as the domain name "," are and will remain the exclusive property of The Peach Street.  Any duplication, distribution, communication, tampering or use of these trademarks for any purpose whatsoever without prior express agreement of The Peach Street is prohibited.
You may not remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notice contained on the Website or any content contained therein.
2.2.The Peach Street remains the owner of the creations relating to the products displayed on the Website. The Terms and conditions of Use and Terms and Conditions of Sale do not grant you or any other person any entitlements of any kind to the intellectual property rights held by The Peach Street.
These intellectual properties or its  logos or the insertion of photos of the products or their packaging in any material (including brochures, posters, catalogues, correspondence, press articles, audio visual works, social media, internet & intranet sites, etc.) without express prior written approval from The Peach Street.  You agree to refrain from fabricating and/or arranging for the fabrication of, for itself or on behalf of third parties, products that are identical to, and/or similar to, and/or constituting imitations of the products displayed on the Website or derivative products within the meaning of Intellectual Property law of India.