Return/ Cancellation Policy

All of our products are meticulously handcrafted with utmost care and passion. Each item is a one-of-a-kind creation, and this means that no two pieces are ever exactly identical. This uniqueness adds to the charm of our offerings. However, it's important to note that there might be slight variations in color or print between the product you receive and the image you saw on our website.

As a company, we have established policies in place, and it's important for our customers to be aware of them. Firstly, we do not accept exchanges or cancellation requests, and we kindly request that you place your orders carefully, ensuring that all product-related information is thoroughly reviewed in the product description.

Refunds are only provided in cases where a product is found to be defective or damaged upon its initial receipt by the customer. In such instances, we request that you promptly (within 24 hrs of receipt) notify us of the issue. To facilitate the resolution process, we ask that you send us an email accompanied by clear photos and an unboxing video demonstrating the damaged product.

It's crucial to emphasize that we do not accept forced returns, and these will not be eligible for a refund. We have this policy in place to ensure the fair treatment of all customers and maintain the quality and integrity of our products.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best possible products and customer service, and in the unfortunate event of a damaged or defective item, we are more than happy to replace it promptly. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your understanding of our policies.